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Performance Guaranteed from a Weichert Realtor

from: Mortage & Debt Facts

Starting with a small group of employees, Weichert Financial Services was established in 1980 in New Jersey. Now it has over 400 employees across 7 states. It is the number one independently owned real estate company today.

Weichert Financial Services is a one-stop shop for mortgage products. They represent and are connected to different lenders. They will assist you so you may be approved for a loan even in situations wherein you are not normally eligible such as when you have a bad credit to your name. Their loan processing is very efficient so that you will get an answer regarding your application within 24 hours. The company offers a variety of mortgage products as well as highly competitive rates.

Whatever your need may be, the Weichert Financial Services will have an answer for you.

Whether you are a first time home-buyer, refinancing a home or in desperate need of cash, you can always get great advice from a Weichert Realtor. The Weichert Realtor will guide you from start to finish of your loan process. An advantage of a Weichert Realtor is that he knows the field you are trying to play and he will have the answers to your questions about mortgages.

A Weichert Realtor has access to different mortgage products that can be customized according to what you need.

If you plan to work with a Weichert Realtor, be sure that you know what you want and you convey this to him clearly. Sometimes the success of a transaction depends on effective communication between two parties. When you do achieve this level of communication with your Weichert Realtor, worry no more because surely he will devote his time to give you what you need.

An advantage of doing business with the Weichert Financial services is that they offer more than what a common mortgaging company provides. Examples include having them coordinate your moving in and setting up your new home and also they have a home protection plan when your home undergoes minor repairs, which is not offered in other companies.

As part of the Weichert Financial Services, a Weichert Realtor is to uphold the company’s philosophy of having good business ethics and providing trustworthy services. To give you an assurance of excellent performance, they even give you a performance guarantee of up to $5000, subject to company discretion, when there are delays in the closing of your loans.
With this guarantee in place, you know that they will give you the best service possible or they risk losing their business and customers alike.