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The Advantages of Working With A Keller Williams Realtor

from: Mortage & Debt Facts

The Keller Williams Realty Incorporated was founded in 1983 and it is the fourth largest residential real estate firm in the US. It has been offering franchising opportunities since 1991.

The key to the success of the company is its interdependent business model. Most companies have traditional ways of conducting their business. Dependent business modeled companies are companies in which the realtors are paid through a commission process. Independent business modeled companies give their realtors a leeway to conduct transactions but they keep a major part of the commissions earned.

The interdependent business model of the Keller Williams Realty Incorporated allows brokers and sales agents to work with each other through the value of teamwork. This working environment fosters a good working relationship which fosters encouragement and support which in turn produces growth within the individuals and the company itself. They even have a reward system to improve their employees’ performance.

A Keller Williams realtor believes in having a win-win situation for every transaction. He comes up with creative ideas before turning them into results. He believes in the concept of achieving more when teamwork is involved. He is highly dedicated to doing the right thing first of all. His deals are based on trust and as always, his customers always come first. The success of a Keller Williams realtor is seen through the satisfaction that his clients get from him.

You may think that these are the usual duties of a realtor so of course, a Keller Williams realtor is required to believe in these principles. This is where you find yourself mistaken. Aside from the extensive services that a Keller Williams realtor will give you, he stands out in four different aspects of being a real estate agent.

He knows that owning a home is a gratifying and overwhelming process but it should not be a scary one especially when you are faced with real estate terms that carry a variety of meanings. He is aware that beyond the physical aspect of getting a new home, it is your dreams, goals and aspirations that he is dealing with. When you work with a Keller Williams realtor, you are ensured that he leads the pack in terms of knowledge, teamwork, reliability and speed.

Since all Keller Williams realtors go through the Keller Williams University, you know that they are aware of current updates and practices of the real estate world. Their belief in teamwork gets you better service since no competition occurs between their employees.

As a long standing company, you can rest easy as their business practices are based on trust and honesty.

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