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Mortgage Leads Online: What Are They?

from: Mortage & Debt Facts

If you are looking for mortgage leads online, it is important to know what they are and how they are generated. Some mortgage leads online sites will tell you they have the best leads but they don’t explain what a mortgage lead really is.

Let’s start from the beginning. Each company involved in mortgage leads online must generate new business. They must have the property or at least know where to find the property to stay in business. Before any business is secured it is called a lead. The general market is where mortgage leads online sites will look for their clientele

Lead management is described as the entire practice of securing these leads from beginning to end. It includes the methods of operation; the principles and practices adhered to by the companies, and the marketing strategies to secure new business. Lead management is an area where mortgage leads online sites take very seriously; essentially it is their bread and butter.

Lead management practices is how the company advertising for business and how they generate responses for potential business. It is the precursor to the actual sales or sales management step in the process of acquiring and or selling actual property. It is also the precursor for rendering service to new and existing customers.

The use of the Internet and computer technology has done wonders to speed of the process of finding and securing new business for mortgage leads online companies.

Briefly stated the process could be broken down as follows:

• Lead generation: Advertising for business through the media and telephone inquiries.

• Customer inquiry: This is where an interested potential customer will respond by asking for more information.

• Inquiry capture: The company will get important information about the potential customer, for example, name, address, property for sale etc.

• Inquiry filtering: In this stage the mortgage leads online company will determine if the information solicited is solid. Does this inquiry show promise of a potential new customer?

• Lead grading: The inquiries are then sorted out according to the strength of their appeal for potential business.

• Lead distribution: The leads are handed out to the marketing and sales force teams.

• Prospecting: Contacting the potential client (lead) in order to secure the business and sign a sales contract.

• Lead nurturing: This is a process where all contacted leads as well as leads who were not successfully contacted by the mortgage leads online company are put into a callback system to follow up on any needs or issues that have not been determined or sufficiently dealt with on behalf of either the company or customer alike.

• Secured sale: The end result of the process whereby the mortgage leads online company has gotten the sale.

The process is long and must be handled with care; any mistake along the way could result in losing much needed business for any mortgage leads online company.