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Mortgage & Debt Facts

Much like mortgages, Trust Deeds, also called Deeds of Trust, are similar in many ways and different in two.

1) Deeds of Trust include three parties instead of the two that are used for mortgages.

2) Trust Deeds use a non-judicial foreclosure method.

The three parties involved in a Deed of Trust are the Trustor, Lender, and Trustee.

The Trustee is the added party that mortgages do not have. Usually a third part, the Trustee is responsible for the title of the home until the loan the Trustor took out is paid in full, or until the home goes into foreclosure.

Other than this, Deeds of Trust and Mortgages work in pretty much the same way.

Another similarity involves wrap around mortgages or all inclusive deeds of trust.

An All Inclusive Deed of Trust, which can also be called an All Inclusive Trust Deed or an AITD, is a way for a new home buyer to assume the loan that is already on the home from the previous buyer or buyers.

It can be difficult to obtain an AITD. Not all loans are assumable. In fact, only Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Veteran Administration (VA) loans can be assumed by a new party. In general, banks will require payoff on their loan if the home is sold. 

If a home owner is looking to sell his or her home and already has a Deed of Trust owing a certain amount of money, the buyer can then assume the debt and pay it off as his own.
Currently there are full disclosure laws where all parties that hold interest in the property, including the Lender, will have to be informed that the loan is being assumed by a new buyer. When this happens, the Lender can raise interest rates, demand the remainder of the loan on the sale date, or accept the All Inclusive Deed of Trust with no modification to the original agreement. For this reason it is extremely important that the seller and buyer are aware of all clauses and terms of agreement before assuming a loan.

Certainly, it is possible to use an All Inclusive Trust of Deed on a non-assumable Deed of Trust without notifying the lender. This is not advisable, however. This can lead to severe legal penalties if/when the assumption is discovered.

The agreement is between the seller (home owner) and the buyer. This agreement will work in much the same way as if you have notified the lender except that the buyer will give the money owned on the loan directly to the seller, who will then pay the lender.

This is often done to avoid any hikes in interest rate and other fees or penalties. Sometimes the buyer would not qualify for a new loan and the homeowner is desperate to sell, thus willing to assume the risk.

Lenders can discover changes of ownership in a variety of ways, including credit reports and public recordings. If the Lender should happen to find out about the agreement then the Lender can go after the full amount owned on the loan, plus pursue the matter in criminal court.

All Inclusive Deeds of Trust can be a blessing for some buyers and sellers, and become just a hassle for others.

Before entering into an AIDT contract, read all the documents carefully. It is important to do research on the agreements. Make sure you know and understand the terms and agreement included in the original loan, as well as the laws and rules than regulate them.

It is highly recommended that you have an attorney review an All Inclusive Deeds of Trust before finalizing a deal.