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Trust Deeds and Security Interest

from: Mortgage & Debt Facts

Very little risk with the possibility of a high return often makes investing in a Deed of Trust a preferred way of investing money. Some other types of investments can offer even higher returns. However, they also have greater risks.

Deeds of Trust are similar to home mortgages in that they are secured by real estate property. When the home owner is in need of cash for emergencies, or other reason, they are able to take out a Deed of Trust loan with a specified rate of interest on the borrowed funds. The home owner then then pays back this Deed of Trust loan over a select number of years, depending on the amount of the loan, just like with a mortgage.

New home purchases which are financed by the Seller are often secured with a Deed of Trust loan owed to the Seller. As with a mortgage, the rights to own the property are passed to the buyer. However, the deed is not yet passed to the buyer, but held "in trust" until the money is paid in full.

A Deed of Trust is a form of security interest which allows the Beneficiary the right to sell the property should the Trustee fail to make payments. In this way, home buyers who cannot qualify for a bank loan can sometimes gain the trust of an Investor/Beneficiary and finance their new home.

The Beneficiary in private Deed of Trust investments is the person who grants the loan and receives the payments. Beneficiaries can either be banks or private individuals who put up all of or most of the loan amount. 

The Deed of Trust is a form of lien against the property that can not be removed until the debt is paid off by the Trustee or until foreclosure occurs. The reason Deeds of Trust present such a great investment opportunity is due to the amount of security and stability that they present to those that put the money up for investment.

Like a mortgage, a Deed of Trust will have a monthly payment with a certain amount of interest rate added to it and can last for several years. Investors will see money each month at roughly the same time until the Deed of Trust is paid in full.

If the loan is not paid, then the Beneficiary (the investor), has the right to seize the property or home in foreclosure procedures. This right is granted by the Beneficiary's security interest through the Deed of Trust documents and laws controlling this type of lien.

Unlike mortgages, Deeds of Trust do not require the aid of the courts in the foreclosure procedures, nor is there the waiting period and process to be followed. This eliminating several needless steps and expedites the entire process so that the investor will see their money returned to them as quickly as possible.

Just as with any other type of loan, especially a home loan, Trustees or Borrowers taking out a Deed of Trust will have to figure their loan expenses, including interest, and their bills before they can commit to a number that they will be able to pay each month.

Private home sellers financing the sale through a Deed of Trust will not always diligently qualify the buyers, so if you are purchasing a home through a private Deed of Trust, it will be up to you to figure out your payment threshhold.

Beneficiaries are in the position to aid the borrowers. As a Beneficiary, you will also want to make sure that there will be someone who is able to pay back the full amount of the loan.

By repossessing and then selling a foreclosed home you just may be able to retrieve the initial amount you put into the investment. By choosing carefully, it is possible to retrieve even more money if the borrower is able to spend more time in the home and pay off the entire Deed of Trust.

Investors in Deeds of Trust are able to help many home owners a great deal, while making a substantial amount of money in the process. When all goes well, it is Win-Win.

While a Deed of Trust is recorded on a home, there is a lien on the property. The homeowner will be unable to sell the property unless the recordings are cleared by all parties involved in the Deed of Trust.

Thanks to this Security Interest in the propery, the investor who takes on the role of Beneficiary will be able to retrieve the property and then sell it should the borrower fail to make payments. The borrower gets a chance to own a home for which he might not otherwise be able to get financing.

Overall, Trust Deeds are a fairly sound and secure, long-term investment opportunity for those who are looking for a reliable and steady source of income outside the typical securities markets.

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