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Sample Letter to Creditor

from: Mortgage & Debt Facts

There are two different types of creditors, each requiring a different type of letter. They involve many choices that can pertain to an online or personal sample letter to creditor for usage: those which involve a collection agency and those which involve the original creditors. Either way, many people do not feel that negotiating with creditors will work, regardless which strategy is used or which type of sample letter to creditor is chosen as a base to start with. But in actuality, many do.

The truth is this-- once the debt goes to a collection agency, the original debtor is not involved with the financial transaction any more. The collection agency is the only one, under the law, who is allowed to handle it. This is because the OC has already collected its tax benefits under the United States tax law for the unclaimed or bad debts. Also important is the fact that FDCPA does not protect consumers against collection methods of their original creditors. This federal agency only covers collection agencies or actions of a debt collector, not the original creditor. Therefore, any type of selected sample letter to creditor needs to go to the collection agency, not the original creditor.

Debts are sold, unlike in previous years where they were assigned to a collection agency. The selling process has developed over the years because most creditors, or the original creditors, do not have the time or resources to chase down non-paying customers for accounts severely past-due. A personally selected letter from a sample one would be more appropriate to utilize when first developing financial problems, desiring to work out some form of payment plan which would both parties involved.

We also need to recognize that not all debts are sold, and not all are assigned. For this reason, a sample letter to creditor should be chosen carefully in order to find out which one to use. Debts can be overwhelming, with usually the only option being bankruptcy which many consumers end up doing—with many consumers doing so merely because of lack of information about debt collection. Looking at a few sample letters in regard to creditor options, instead of choosing bankruptcy as the only option , is wise as there are many alternatives available instead of going to court.

The web site is full of sites listing different types of letter to creditor samples, covering all aspects of the bad-debt situations properly and legally, with not all of them involving bad debts. If a person's credit card has a zero balance, with no transactions listed—referred to as an "inactive account"—this impacts negatively on the credit score similar to a non-paying consumer. A specific type of sample letter to creditor can be used to inform the credit card company to close the inactive credit accounts, while also informing them to notify the Credit Reporting Bureau that it was closed at the consumer's request.