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Both Sides of Creditor Child Support

from: Mortgage & Debt Facts

Creditor child support and fines are the only two exceptions to bankruptcy bill collection efforts, even though bankruptcy can and does stop everything else regarding bill collection efforts. And with a good attorney, creditor child support and child support warrants can be successfully resolved short of having to go to jail. As long as arrangements can be made with the other side or the court system, promising and fulfilling the obligation to begin making payments on the child support, with some on the older child support arrearages, there is usually not a developing problem.

Currently, there are many qualified attorneys who specialize in creditor child support and can possible re-assign the designated amounts of the designated child support payments, depending on the circumstances. Fighting for men and father's rights are slowly becoming a growing business for attorneys in a changing world, with many receiving a free initial consultation for those who are interested and in need. Today, creditor child support is in regard to either the mother or father, as it has gained in equality through custody evaluations and decisions regarding custody and visitation.

Child support for the spouse's children needs to be paid on a continuous basis, in order for both parents to remain involved in the financial upbringing of the child or children after the divorce. And when this is not done, creditor child support is involved with two types of spouses: those who are bitter and angry over the divorce or losing their children; and those who have not had adequate representation by a lawyer to guarantee equal child custody rights and child support under what they consider a one-sided law.

The courts and legal system actually prefer to see both spouses coming to a peaceful agreement for joint legal custody, child support, and decision making, for religious, medical care, and education care. They prefer, instead of just one parent—father or mother—being awarded sole legal custody, a joint partnership for the sake of the children. The divorce is extremely hard on the children the way it is, and a joint child custody decision is much better on the child or children, with a peaceful arrangements made for visitation rights by the other spouse.

Creditor child support, property division, and spousal maintenance many times will be influenced by a court's ruling in regard to a spouse's economic and non-economic marriage contributions and family. For this reason, all relevant information and expert's documentations should be presented in regard to each side's contribution. This means either the income by the breadwinner or the intangible contributions—housekeeping, parenting, or helping the spouse grow financially through school or education—which do not directly involve monetary income.