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Using a Debt Consolidation Lead Creditor

from: Mortgage & Debt Facts

A large majority of people are in financial difficulties today, finding they are unable to pay their bills for many reasons--lost jobs due to being fired or cut-backs, death, a lengthy hospitalization for terminal diseases, and disabilities. Many people are beginning to contact a debt consolidation lead creditor to avoid filing bankruptcy and maintain their credit rating. The truth is, most people get into debt so gradually they do not even notice it, until the money is suddenly inadequate to pay all the necessary bills.

The act of consolidating debts refers to more than one bill being grouped together into a single low payment, easing the individual's financial strains while simplifying their lives, and saving quite a bit of money at the same time. In today's society, a debt consolidation lead creditor seems to be the answer for many, whereas at one time bankruptcy was all there was, short of skipping town in the middle of the night with nothing but a backpack of meager belongings.

There are many advantages and disadvantages for debt consolidation, as any debt consolidation lead creditor will agree. A few of the advantages are: taking a new loan out in order to pay off a group of old loans, which gives a person good credit in the long run as long as the new loan is paid on time; credit cards are paid off with lots of interest saved; reducing or removing old medical bills; and reducing large numbers of monthly payments at the same time.

Probably the largest advantage, according to many debt consolidation lead creditor professionals, is that it removes stress on all levels—lots of stress! By the time the average individuals approach a debt professional for help, they will owe many lenders with a wide variety of debts and gathering excess interest, all the time never quite having enough money to quite cover them all at the end of the month. Over-due bills causes multiple phone calls, people knocking at the door, tons of bills in the mail—all stressing a money-strapped household to the point they do not know which way to turn. The major point for debt consolidation is that it makes a budget workable, allowing for a feeling of "finally we are debt free". It is pretty hard to make a budget work with either no money at all or not enough money to cover most bills.

But on the other side, a debt consolidation lead creditor may also advice against it for several reasons. For one reason, if a person goes into uncontrollable debt once, what will prevent them from doing it again? Lacking self-discipline or having inadequate financial knowledge will allow the debts to run up again—again—and again. Also, by extending a debt consolidation loan the total debt will be increased in the long run but it will be still there. Small payments do not mean the loan is made smaller, only longer in duration.

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